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Dividend Comparison Chart and Table

Baron Rothschild, an 18th century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking family, is credited with saying that

Now that a correction occurs on most of the stock Exchanges in the world, it is the best time to buy. But which stock to buy? Our tools will help you choose the best dividend stock for you.

Our most popular tool is the Dividend Comparison. Therefore, we decided to give details about the best way to use it. After reading this post, you should be able to generate exactly the Charts and Tables you need.

Only the dividend Data checked in 'Data to Fetch' appears in the generated table. The order of dividend Data displayed in the table per event is fixed and is as follow: - Cash Amount, if checked. - Declaration Date, if checked. - Ex dividend Date, if checked. - Record Date, if checked. - Pay Date, if checked.

If 'Cash Amount' and at least one dividend event date is checked in 'Data to Fetch', then a chart is generated. The vertical axis of the chart is the Cash Amount. If you typed only one symbol in 'Symbol Names' and you select for 'Chart Detail' 'Event Date (single stock)', the horizontal axis of the chart will be a dividend event date. Which event date, depends on which date events are checked. If:

- 'Declaration Date' is checked, then the horizontal axis will be the declaration dates, irrelevant of the other checked dates.

- 'Declaration Date' is not checked and 'Ex-Date' is checked, then the horizontal axis will be the ex-dates, irrelevant of the other checked dates.

- Declaration Date' and 'Ex-Date' are not checked, and 'Record Date' is checked, the horizontal axis will be the record dates, whether 'Pay Date' is set or not.

In the example below, all dividend event dates were checked. By looking at the table and the chart generated, you can see that the chart horizontal axis is the declaration date.

We use two different databases. One can retrieve very old data but with limited information. The other database provides very detailed information but with less history. If only the 'Cash Amount' and 'Ex Date' are checked, dividend events of up to 25 years can be retrieved. If any other dividend Data is requested, dividend events of up to five years can be retrieved.

Error messages are pop up windows that appear when no dividend Data was retrieved after pressing the 'Submit' button in the 'Dividend Data' side bar. The captured types of errors are: - Unrecognized symbol. The entered symbol is not trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. - Invalid date range. The End Date is earlier than the Start Date - No dividend event. There was no dividend event between the Start Date and the End Date, or the date range is pointing to dates older than available in the database. Try widening your date range, provide more recent dates, or, request to retrieve only the Cash Amount and/or Ex dividend Date.


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