Dividend Comparison

Dividend Growth and Dividend Events Comparison

Welcome to Dividend Comparison, the personal helper for Dividend Investors in particular and long term investors in general.

We provide tools that compare dividend between stocks: dividend value, growth, yield, payout ratio, total return and future dividend events (pay date, Ex-date, etc.) using our proprietary algorithm. The user can filter data in many ways. The result is provided in tables and charts.

We combine several of these tools to form Personalized stock scores: Dividend Score. The Personalized Score is adapted to each investor profile: Dividend Growth Investor, High Yield Seeker, Contrarian Investor, or, Risk Avert Investor. Furthermore, each of these Investor Profiles can be tuned, or completely reconfigured. The stock scores can be compared in charts and tables.

We offer email alerts in case user configurable events occur on specified stocks.

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